I'm Addicted

Although I am only 18 and still live at home. I have my fair share of credit cards in my name. My loving daddy pays for them... because he worships me, and he should! I do not have a job and although my sister and I try often to get them... people are just intimidated by twins and will not hire us. So I spend... and I spend and I spend... at least $5 grand a month on things I don't really need, but desperately want.
    My dad has told me that he is buckling down. That this is the last straw. He is going to take my credit cards! I have no other form of exercise... what will I do?! *joke* But in all honesty, I love to shop. I find myself on sites like sephora.com just staring at the lovely cosmetics purchasing them like they have no value... "No dad I didn't enter any numbers, I don't know how I got this..." I can't help it... I'm addicted! I also love to spend money at the ahhhhh spa. Getting my nails done, puleaz I have to look good! Then maybe my hair needs a little something extra... but I'm so stressed because I keep spending money so I'll get a massage to relieve it... (lol)
    I know I'm going to regret my bad spending habits when I'm forced to actually pay for them... but until then, why not shop... till I drop?!
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I have the same problem but in order to get people off my back I use sites that support a good cause. People are more comfortable with it. Out of all my favorites I choose Avon. The websites is youravon.com/cmyles. The prices are great and they always get new products. I try to limit my spending to one source,its working for me... Wish you good luck

If you are not a troll, then I hope your good looks never fade; and if they do fade, that you won't be smart enough to have regrets. Because the day it does you will probably get a dose of suffering more intense than you can imagine. That is assuming you are smart enough to understand it when the time comes.

why try to get a job with your sister?<br />
dont you know that doesn't work out? <br />
I blame your father for spoiling you so much, the only way you feel love and affection is through money and that was not the proper way of raising a child.

Hey, I can't fault ya. You go, girl. It's not hurting anything but daddy's wallet...just kiddin'.

I know life is empty! It's empty and meaningless... I know spending money is ugly, but luckily my bf loves me and knows I like to spend... lol

Jesus, you'd better have a skill or the wide world is gonna be very, very hard on you. And if you do find a nice rich boy to marry, I hope you don't mind him 'working late' - materialism isn't a very attractive quality, and noone wants to be viewed as nothing more than a big fat dollar sign. I love shopping, but I could never just spend somebody else's money like that - especially at 18 years of age. When you only value yourself by how much your face and hair and clothes cost, life can be pretty empty...

Lol, that is crazy. You can always go to Dr. Phil as an option to get away from your problem, lol. If you can't get a job as twins, choose different jobs. That way they won't know.