I Can't Stop Buying Things.

I can't stop buying things. Things like a ton of beauty products-- sunscreens, facewash, body scrub, shampoos, conditioners, different shower gels, nail polish, eye shadows. Or shoes-- I buy 5 pairs at a time, but then I think, "Oh, these would look great with jeans! Ooh, I need a new pair of jeans!" and I go buy a pair. Books-- oh geez, I buy 5, 6, 7 books at a time, as I do records. And cards-- cute cards that are blank inside.

I don't know what's happened to me lately. I've always loved to buy a new pair of shoes here and there, a new outfit, or maybe once a season I'll splurge on a few items. Now, I'm buying, and buying, and buying. I'm grateful I can still afford my new habit, and I know when to cut myself off, but maybe I'm making up for a lack of something. I've never been in need of anything. I feel like I have to acquire everything now, before it's gone. I'm not a hoarder-- I love to replace old stuff with new stuff.

I'm pretty successful in my career. I've had to relocate for work, and I have no one around. Maybe I'm making up for boredom. Maybe I'm missing everything that money can't buy so much, I'm trying to buy myself comfort.

Anybody else feel that way?
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7 Responses May 1, 2012

Yes. I can completely relate.
Have you tried to stop? Find another way to fill that "something missing"?

I recently started a blog. Maybe you'll find it helpful or insightful?

Add me to the list of buying 5 pairs of shoes at a time. Oh by the way, When I buy new shoes, I feel the need to go and buy a matching purse. I once counted the boxes of shoes in my closet. I stopped at 200 pairs because I was starting to feel sick. I have given away so many pairs of unworn shoes to Goodwill

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You don't eve know how excited I was to read that I'm not the only one out there who buys 5 pairs of shoes at a time! Lol! Especially at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack, Last Call Nieman Marcus, or even Marshall's & TJMaxx. I think it's because I know that when I'm in these types of stores, there is no "I'll go home and sleep on it" If I don't buy them right then and there, they'll be gone! So I splurge and buy them all thinking "Oh I can just return what I don't like later" well, later never comes and the shoe boxes are piling up (literally). <br />
I think a lot of it has to do with boredom. Also due to a void of some sort. I'm still trying to figure out what my void could be. In the meantime, I'm right there with ya!

I have to find a way to replace addiction and the habit by something that can fulfill my life and substitute the over-achieving over-buying over-analyzing over-everything!!:(

I try to drawn my feelings buying? Emptiness ? I found myself rushing feelings of excitement and guilt, worried and afraid.... Out of control ....

As any compulsive behavior I feel comfort when I buy but also guilt. I buy non stop and I never feel satisfied. I have not even wore things I bought because there is not enough places to go to wear everything I buy.People say all the time how good I look,beautiful cloths and that feeds my buying.I don't know how to stop......

Yes sometimes I do... I use to have that business life....big cities... big conferences... but that changed but I did not .... Neither my addiction to buy....

Adelle32: I totally agree with you about hoe the compliments feed the urge to buy more. I too experience the comfort as well as the guilt when buying things that I don't need. It's so much different than buying something for someone else, or grocery shopping. There's the hunt, the thrill, the conquest...then the inevitable bill. I keep trying to turn it all around but I'm constantly tempted and there's always a reason to shop. How are you doing with all of this?