I think I have a borderline case of shopoholicism. I spend all my free time browsing the internet for clothes, shoes and jewelry. Ebay is the worst for me, there are just so many good deals that I can't resist! I have spent almost all my money and my boyfriend is suspicious of my spending. I feel a "high" when I am buying a new item, but shortly after I have this guilt and shame, like I'm a bad person for shopping. I canceled my paypal account to stop myself from spending but now I just feel sad...I don't know why I buy so much, maybe from loneliness and boredom. I want to talk to other people like me so I don't feel like such a weirdo!
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I can completely relate. I started a blog about it. Check it out? Maybe you'll find it helpful.

Good luck!!

I have the same problem but in order to get people off my back I use sites that support a good cause. People are more comfortable with it. Out of all my favorites I choose Avon. The websites is The prices are great and they always get new products. I try to limit my spending to one source,its working for me... Wish you good luck <br />
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Amber S

Hi! Would like to know how you keep track of your purchases, as you buy so much online. Did it happen to you that you forgot about an item you bought as it didnt get delivered? and then later on you wonder what happened and you find out it was out of stock?