I Always Buy On Sale

For some reason I can not resist the words clearance and --% off.

I always buy crap on sale, even when I dont need it, just because I think I MIGHT need or "I could use it as a gift.  It is just too good of an opportunity to pass up. I mean come on it is on CLEARANCE. It's on sale.  It is 40, 60 70% off. I am sure the majority of people who initially bought this, paid for it at full price. Now look at me, buying that same thing that they really wanted, but I am getting it so much cheaper...  Lucky me... I really got one over on the store!!

"I am such a GREAT shopper, even though I have no clue what it does or where it goes or if it matches with anything, or if it fits, or if I know anyone who could use it.... (etc etc)"


For god's sake..Im a sale shopaholic...

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7 Responses Dec 6, 2006

I could have written this myself... my ex-boyfriend used to say to me..."You're going broke saving money" ha ha (mostly he was a jerk but sometimes he made me laugh)

yup with shopping , my stress is gone...:D<br />

same here! I always check whatever is on sale and sometimes end up buying things I don't need.<br />
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shopping is a great stress reliever though :)

I'm the same with the all saints vintage section, everything is so much cheaper I convince myself that I am not being naughty, you're not alone x

I am exactly the same way...I can't walk out of a store without at least investigating the Clearance racks! I love thinking some idiot paid $50.00 for this sweater, but I'm getting it for $14.99! Its fun :)

I am totally in the same boat.

do you end up keeping the stuff? Are you a packrat AND a shopaholic, or just find the buying part interesting?<br />
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Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing!