I Can't Stop

hey i cant stop spending my money on myself.. including clothes, shoes and everything i see. when i see something i buy it. i just cant help it. i want to impress some guy so i can fall in love.. im still looking and im really lonely.  do you have any ideas or help that i could use??  Alyx bb xo 

Alyx Alyx
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 18, 2007

I used to be a chronic shopaholic till very recently ..been going sober for about 3 months. I stopped going to malls and supermarkets. Even if you buy your regular grocery items makes sure u stick by your list. Will Power also helps.<br />
<br />
The main reason for this indication is loneliness which you are filling out by hoarding materialistic things. But ask yourself- If you feel guilty later was it worth the effort or the hard earned money? Join some gym, some clubs, meet some girls an guys...like on this forum...<br />
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Best wishes!

Hi I'm in the same position x I justify buying things then regret it later and hide my purchased from my boyfriend x I'm going to try getting a new card numbers and giving my card to my boyfriend x

you can start buying me stuff :)

hi alyx<br />
maybe you could bank<br />
some money and save it for<br />
later or you can try asking a friend<br />
to keep it for you? umm.. yehh <br />
thats all the help i can give.<br />
all the best for the future bye xoxo