Shopping Truly An Addiction

I have had a love/ hate relationship with shopping for years. I actually was able to stop the madness for a year, but I am back at it again.

You the the saying "when life gets tough, the tough go shopping.". Well life has been pretty rough over the past couple of years. I admit that shopping definitely distracts me from whatever situation is bothering me.

I live with my boyfriend and we keep separate bank accounts. He had no idea about my problem, but he has to be figuring it out now, since Fed Ex and UPS arrive daily.
In fact he made a joke about it one night. Shortly after he made the comment, there was this horrible loud noise coming from our room. We ran up to our room to find my side of the closet collapsed!!!! I think this is definitely a sign. My boyfriend fixed the closet. As I was putting shoes and clothes away, I noticed items I had no recollection of buying. I have a sun dress size 6. Omg, who was I kidding?

I am an RN. I have been working OT to pay for all this crap. I don't have much in the bank to fall back on should an emergency arise. I will be the best dressed broke person in town.

Every day I tell my self, this will be the LAST day of this crazy addiction, then I find myself online searching for another item I can't live without. I wear scrubs to work, so it's not like I need this huge wardrobe.

Everyday I try to get to the mail before my boyfriend does. How pathetic!

I'm seriously praying for impulse control. I looked at my budget and the majority of my pay goes to pay off credit cards. I have to stop!!,
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

I can completely relate to your story. The overcrowded closet. The impulse to go shop, guided by all sorts of emotions, quickly becomes a compulsion to buy. I just can't say no. I can rationalize any purchase.

I recently started a blog that perhaps you'll find interesting and helpful.

I wish you all the best in this process! It certainly isn't easy but as a nurse and an OT, I'm sure you know how difficult changing certain behaviors can be. Stick with it :)