As I walk in, my heart gets heavier and my eyes stop blinking. Shoes of all shapes, colours, and sizes surround me. Long before spiked heels with exotic - unique names had become the object of desire, Ladies have been shoe obsessed. Every women rich or poor, ignoring the fact whether she can afford that footware or is she compromising an important deal for it, admires happy feet.

Shoes are like mood boosters, Each pair represents a lover that you have never taken. It was a sort of gravitational force emitted from the display rack, the pungent smell of leather from wellington boots, the sleek fur on uggs, the classic detailing over the d'Orsay heels and a dazzling colourblast about the Wedges. Every inch of mine craved for the touch of such polished matter. I was in a state of motionless addiction.

Though all of them made my heart skip a beat, there was one pair that I was particularly enchanted by, it was kept in the corner, alone from the thronging crowd, it was model of pure elegance and composure. The gloriously stunning teal green coloured shoes were a ravishing piece of untamed pulchritude. I walked upto them and tried them on, they enclosed around my feet with exact comfort and measure.

A joy of an unknown space thrilled about in me, but it faded just as fast it had came. The price tag was inconceivable, It broke all my dreamy fantacies and made me dive into reality and practicality for a moment, for me it was completely unimaginable for things to cost this much in a world where people can’t afford a bowl of rice.

I was also not entirely inclined to the idea that wearing these shoes would transform me into someone special, with powers or anything, I tried, but i could not put them down, every look at them made my heart melt, it was as if they were pleading me for my attention. Finally I absorbed that one last sight of them, with a stone on my heart i decided to let go of them shoes, firmly i spotted them back on the rack and walked towards the door with pride and defeat from temptation.

I know you love me 
-Cruel Wedges

cruelwedges cruelwedges
18-21, F
Apr 6, 2013