Broke and Addicted.

i'm a broke, struggling college student and i have absolutely NO money. i take out student loans every year and i rack up my credit cards. but surprisingly, i'm not too bad in debt.

i think i owe it all to realizing that i am addicted to shopping. like really, i go to the store and just buy stuff just to buy it. i think i'm literally addicted to swiping that little plastic card though the machine and then squiggling my haggard name in the box. it's just too easy.

i've definitely coped with this by buying mass about of junk at the store, then returning half of it a few days later. it's a little weird, but at least i'm not rack up thousand of dollars in debt, just hundreds.
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My wife has been a shopaholic for years and I admit I love my gadgets, so we have joined a club that earns us cash back rewards and use the money over again, so the problem with money is less, but the clutter is up!<br />
<br />
She's got to have shoes to match the pocketbook that match everything else. I have made a point to get her to donate items that are old or unused, and she gets more, but hard to part with a few.<br />
<br />
It gets better with us some time but it's not funny when you get those gas bills with "shut off notice" in black. Found something that works, not perfect, put it works.

I'll do a version on this online, fill up the shopping cart, then just click empty all.