But My Wallet Doesn't!

I am a student with a serious passion for high-end designer stuff, which doesn't work out so well! Designer bags, jewellery, shoes, clothes, furniture - I don't love it because it's trendy or simply because it's expensive, but because I like to buy quality and to know that I have something that will last and I can cherish, that was carefully thought about, painstakingly made and simply beautiful. I love beautiful things - it may seem very shallow, but I think luxury is a wholistic thing and there is nothing more luxurious and satisfying in this disposable world than being surrounded by beautifully made, precious things - fabrics made from natural fibres, real wood furnishings, precious stones, and things that reflect the passion and talent of the artisans that made them.
All I can say is thank the gods for ebay and vintage!!!
eclair eclair
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2007

Agree! we buy something expensive not just because it's hip but because it's quality