Its Ruining His Trust.

im a shopaholic. it used to not be a problem because i lived at home with my mother and didnt have bills. but now im living with my fiance and have bills upon bills, and now i have a newborn added to the mix. but i still cant stop. its gotten to the point where i have to hide my purchases from my fiance. I spend all my money and depend on him to pay my bills and thats not fair to him.

Before my son was born, i spent a good three hundred dollars on clothes for him alone, and you all know that babies maybe get to wear an outfit once, i didnt care, i just wanted to feel that my son would look good everyday and not be in unmatching outfits.


I've admited i have a problem, now i need to fix the problem.

mmason771 mmason771
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2009