I Just Reaised How Bad It Has Got

Ok I've always known that I shop far too much, I mean I've had to get 2 loans to pay off credit cards etc.  I go through phases where I can not spend for ages and then all of a sudden I go crazy.  A few weeks ago I was in a jewellers shop and saw this Diamond Bow necklace I did so well not buying it but last weekend I cracked I went to buy the £320 necklace plus the matching earrings, it didn't stop there I ended up coming back with 2 pairs of trainers, another £110 necklace for my friends birthday present, baby converse trainers and 2 cardigans.  Yes I felt a bit guilty but I was so happy with my sparkly necklace that I didn't care. 

After a rubbish day at work yesterday I went shopping again, half an hour in I had already bought a Bag, Purse, 2 Cardigans, 2 necklaces and some shoes.   The next shop I went in was when I realised I needed help, I walked into Schuh which is an amazing shoe shop and saw the most amazing UGG boots in the world, all I said 'WOW Oh Sh*t'.   I realised that I was going to buy them but why was I doing this I couldnt afford.  So since Saturday I have nearly spent £1000. 


Vikee1313 Vikee1313
22-25, F
Mar 11, 2009