Shopholics Arent Bad Just Sad

after 10 years of sleeplessness night and 80000 in debt i hit rock bottom. I dont really know how it happened but it was a gradual erotion of my emotion and self worth walking hand in hand with my shopping addiction. I hid it well and somehow was always able to hide the purchases and scrape up the money to pay the bills. I walked out of a 25 year abusive relationship and thats when the ugly truth of how i had leaned on this addiction showed its gravity. I work 2 full time jobs to pay my bills, and continued to go down hill til it became bigger then me. The guilt and self worthlessness had consumed me til i wasnt sure i could face my family or myself for that matter, i was ready to check out . then i deided to retrace my tree of lifes pain and started to understand myself and  my triggers and realized i was worth saving.   I contacted a debt consoldation company i will be debt free in 36 months i cut up my cards and am starting to to love my self again... i want to reach out to  others ive been there i wont judge only love

hittingrockbottom hittingrockbottom
41-45, F
Feb 11, 2010