Young Fabulous And Broke

I have never considered my spending out of control.  I am an accountant and have never spent money that I do not have (with exception of my college education) but I often find myself in a store usually a discount clothing store like TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack where there are low prices but quality apparel.  I can pay my bills and have a roof over my head, but I have realized that I buy so much crap that I don't need!

  I have well over 100 pairs of jeans, all name brand. Sven, Paige Jeans, Hudson, Grass, True Religion, J Brand Jeans, Joes Jeans, David Kahn, Rich and Skinny, Allen Schwartz, Rock and Republic, you name it, I have a pair in my closet.   I can recognize that I do not need new clothes, I have plenty.  I even have clotes that I really like.  SO what am I doing?  Buying Seven jeans for the homeless apparently, because my closet cast offs go to goodwill, often with tags still on. 

I think I am addicted to the sale.  There is a certain endorphin high: a romance of the search of something new, something that is better than other items in my closet that I love to experience.  Today I purchased two pairs of boots.  I can justify the purchase 100 different ways, I can convince myself that I really DO need them, but at the end of the day, it is likely $300 that was spent to satisfy a desire rather than a neccessity.  My goal for lent this season is to concentrating on saving my money for a smart investment. Like a house or a larger cushion in my savings.  or a moving expense budget for when I relocate.  I plan on mapping my progress by keeping a diary of all purchases, whether it be gas or groceries or my new boots, it gets written down.  hopefull seeing it in writing will curb my unnecessary habit of investing in my closet instead of my future. 

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

good luck with the new life change - you really don't need any more 'stuff' - can you imagine what your life would be life if that money was spend on experiences. 300 - that could be a weekend break in an exciting new place or a night course in fashion journalism ...perhaps your passion for fashion needs to be channelled into a part time job that can make you money. i was in the same position 10 years ago now , after doing a short course, i earn my living as a fashion journalist and love what I do...