New Things Makes Me Happy...and..guiltyy!

I am sooo broke and yet I tend to spend what little I have on things I don't really even need! I always feel the need to go shopping somewhere and buy at least one thing! After I purchase it and come home, look at it, worship it (lol) and a day later it just molds in with all the other dull items in my room. You should see how much clothes I have in my closet! I cannot wear the same clothing so many times, I always need to buy new clothes. Every time I buy some clothing I would say to myself "oooh my gosh, this is so cute! this is all I'll ever wear, I don't need anymore clothes, hehehehehe," haha who am I kidding? Not too long after go to the mall, see something cute *GASP* "I definitely need to get that! After this one I won't buy any more!" Then there's makeup, I have so many eyeshadows in different colors and many others which I never even used. Lot of my clothes still have tags on them, lot of other items still are unopened and are sealed. I always feel the need to have everything, I don't know why. Like I need to keep things like makeup in stock lol. You never know when you'll run out of something and I'm not gonna run to the store to buy mascara that I've suddenly found out I ran out of in the middle of my makeup! But I don't even end up running out of them for monthss and it just sits there for monthhs. I should have just saved up those credit card moneys and used it when I reallyyy needed it! I'm not even really working right now. My dad gives me as little as $20-$40 a week for helping out at his work! Course I need it to fill up gas and pay my credit card bills. You know what I do? I pay off a little of my credit cards and just keep using the little amount I have left on them and spend spend spend! Ahhhhhh it's horrible, I need to stop! I should just keep myself locked up in my house and never go out, never go shopping and get tempted by cute little things I see...but then again there's...internet shopping! lol. Oh lordy, someone please stop me :)

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the best way to deal with all the clothes you have is recurculate all items. here is what I do. when I buy some thing new I take the tags off right away, then I put them at the back of the clothes I have. new pants at the back of the pants section and new tops at the back of the top section. every time I put on a top that top get worn and washed and put at the back of the tops, same with pants. Every one will think you dont wear the same thing and this way the clothes you bought all gets used. I buy clothes all the time. The problems I have with it is: I never spend money on anything but clothes and shoes. I am also now starting to run out of room and I have a spare bedroom turned in to a closet. I can also go about four maybe five months with out washing any clothes. (too many clothes)

I can totally agree with and understand everything you just said! It's so hard to stay away from shopping! A few of my friends actually told me about how some people are starting vlogs or blogs to document on their spending/not spending and its been helping...sort of lol. <br />
maybe you should try it?<br />
and come check mine out :)<br />