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Hello everyone,

My name is Jin Hong and I am an industrial design student from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and a team member of Healthy Retail Therapy.

I have always heard about retail therapy, but a few months ago I came across the fact that over 18 million Americans suffer from compulsive shopping. As a young, passionate designer, I couldn’t help to ask myself if there is anything that design can do to help people who suffer from compulsive shopping habits.

I have created a professional team, including current working psychologists, therapists and industrial designers to develop Health Retail Therapy.

The main focus is to help women who suffer from compulsive buying behavior, and the people who know and love them. I have researched and thought very deeply about the variety of situations that you may be in, to truly understand how your life is affected by this shopping behavior. The idea also aims to change the cynical view that most people have of retail therapy, and to create awareness of compulsive disorders and shopping addiction.

This project is about feeling great and being in control of your shopping behavior and your life.

Our team has worked very hard to come up with ideas that can possibly help you and now we need your feedback so our team can help you better. All you need to do to support this idea is to simply visit us at and view some of the design intervention techniques that we have created and leave comments or email your thoughts to Our website also contains a great deal of online resources, places to get help, and more.

We believe that your input is extremely important and we guarantee that 100% of your thoughts, stories and ideas will help improve the development of this website and our research.

We hope to see you at our website soon and please feel free to contact us at


   Jin Hong

   Designer of Healthy Retail Therapy

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Mar 10, 2010