Want 2 Stop

For the past three years I have over spent and depleted my savings drastically. I have spent in excess of 90,000 on clothes and things I really just don't need. It is so bad that in the middle of the night I find myself looking at the neiman marcus or nordstrom clearance sections and I tell myself that I really need that pair of jeans or burberry jacket. I know what I should do but I just don't. I tell myself tomorrow will be different, I will stop. I average 100.00 to 200.00 dollars a day right now.  I buy most of my items on line... I don't even go into the stores anymore the spending occurs on line. I could set up a store in my home with all of the stuff I have.  I know I can't keep going at this rate ... I feel depressed lost and sad...

shopgirlneeds2stop shopgirlneeds2stop
3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I can relate to the online buying. I do a lot of that. For me it's too easy. Plus I love getting packages in the mail. I suppose it is all part of the "high" I get from it. I too feel lost and sad due to my overspending. Hang in there and use this forum for support. I think it may help us. That's what I'm hoping for anyway :) I also think you seeing a counselor may not be a bad idea. I just need to come clean with mine...that is going to be very difficult!! Take care...Marilynnme

i feel like i can relate to u I espend & my closet overflows!! Is crazy. why dont u open a retail store for real!!?? donate and mark it down for taxes?? - I am adicted to shop online too. I feel so depressed & embarrased!

Wish I could help you out, as I too am obsessed with shopping. I guess you have to dig real deep and realize why it is you enjoy it so much. Get down to the root cause of your obsession. 90,000 is quite access, maybe seeing a professional might be a good start.