Cant Stand Looseing You

The suns shining so i really should think of some reason to go somwhere and jump on my bike. But can anyone out there find me a reason to go away from my laptop please. Man its hard enough allowing myself to drop off to sleep at night without nearly being at passout state.
Hell whats become of my life. Is anyone else experienceing this weird dependancey out there?
I enjoy internetting so much im having trouble getting over my doorstep. I hear the planes come in to land and i hear them taking off again. I can walk out into my lounge to stumble about clulessly wondering why im out there, and anything over 4 minutes then back to the pc with renewed vigour and zim!
lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
1 Response May 4, 2012

The computer can definitely become an obsession. You can't let it control you. Just have fun and don't get to overly dependent. I have learned some lessons the last few years with mine. And sometimes the lessons are surprisingly good, and sometimes, hurtful.