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In my apartment, I get stuff delivered sometimes. The shop is within walking distance but I don't really talk to anyone. I have two cats. I work from home. Sometimes I have no feeling for others. I skype with my parents and brother who live far away. I am married though and my husband works very long hours. I used to enjoy the city I live in, but now it is a chore.

Sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. I don't want to go outside even when it is warm. I play games. Solitare and other card games. I read. I sleep when I don't have work to do. I eat. I watch tv.
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2010

This is me except two dogs and a boyfriend. I used to have roommates but I moved into an apartment alone 3 years ago and it's glorious. I like being alone. Maybe it's just a phase, but I am accepting it for now. I am introverted and hate making small talk and socializing. I'd rather be in my big comfy chair watching a movie or reading than out with other people trying to socialize. I think thats ok for now.

Have you tried playing video games? You can play online with a lot of other people and socialize etc. It is fun and might like it, idk just a suggestion

I have a cat and a dog. I snuggle w/Amber kitty every afternoon and night. She isn't much of a lap cat as she is a spooner. Sometimes, she thinks she is a dog and growls at the doorbell, rolls over on command and begs for chicken and milk. She makes me smile everyday.

What a sweetie!

I think it comes in waves... recent now, but I have had these experiences before. When I am not in this "wave" I am in totally in another "wave" where I need everything to change, so I move house. When I was young, this was the solution too, to move when things got difficult. <br />
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maybe I have lost some joy in my life. I learned recently I can not have children. Probably for the best, but somehow that is additive. I love my cats though!

I know what you mean. We recently bought a home and I've barely been out since. It may just be the idea that I can't just runaway again.