Such A Bore

Teenagers are supposed to be outgoing, right? They are supposed to go out with their friends every weekend and have thriving social lives. That is not my case. I'm 16 and a junior. I have only two good friends at school. One lives far away and the other has annoying mood swings. My mother works all day so I don't expect any attention from her. I'm one of those people that would rather stay at home and not go out. I have no social life or love life because the boys at my school are a bunch of jerks. I have low self confidence which means that when I DO go out I have to make sure that I at least look okay. When I get home from school, I become really sleepy and eventually crawl into bed and sleep for hours. When I finally wake up, I hate myself because I feel like I'm wasting my life. I would walk around my neighborhood if I wasn't so paranoid. I'm a boring shut in and I don't know what to do. I'm terrible at making friends.
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hi liz <br />
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I just wanted to say that I am sorry you are feeling so bad. You have so much life ahead of you and so much potential for change. <br />
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I hope to hear more from you.

I know how you feel, completely. But as the previous commenter said, not all guys are jerks you just have to be patient and one of the good ones will come your way. And having many friends doesnt mean anything if you cant trust them, I've learned this the hard way.

My sister was the same way. The rest of us enjoyed being out at that age, but she really enjoyed being in. It never made her feel guilty, though. It also turned out that she had an underlying physical condition, so the rest was necessary. She never made many friends outside the family, but she didn't really want to either. <br />
Once she decided it was becoming a problem, around her 4th year of college, she started trying. She went out more and she made several friends. Turns out she only really liked a few of them, so she cast the others aside with a promise to always be there for them. She simply had no interest in their petty drama. <br />
You don't have to apologize for being different, just find ways to enjoy it. Wait for the cool people: they exist. Look for friends in unconventional ways: like volunteering or helping out an elderly person right on your own street. Children are also generally less offensive and irritating. Lol, when I was your age (yeah I know) my friends were either over 40 or under 10, unless they were a part of one of the programs I ran. <br />
Now I'm the family shut in, but it took reading your post to find the inherent humor in that!

The best way to get better at making friends is to keep trying! Not all boys are jerks. Not all girls are jerks. And it's ok to fail at making friends because that's the only way to learn!<br />
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Is there an after school club you can join? A recreation center nearby that has classes for teens? Do you like art or music? You should be able to find like-minded people somewhere nearby.