Ihe Long Fall

     In 2000 I caught the flesh-eating bacteria in my lung lining. I was blessed to survive this ordeal, but continued to have various other illnesses attack my lungs. As my endurance and lung capacity dwindled so did my ability to get out. I went from being social and working full time to being isolated and on disability. My weight has went over the 500lb mark, making forays into the world a load of fun. My body is breaking down, but my spirit so far remains strong. But it's getting hard to relate to the outside world. I have a great group of friends and family, but outside of that the world outside my door might as well not exist.I'm writing this to connect and support people like me who are also trapped within walls or themselves. Sometimes the body is the best prison of all, but the mind and heart can always find a way to escape.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2011

Keep strong inside and out. I know first hand how hard issues with oxygen depletion can make it hard to get out and get exercise. Right now I exercise in bed a lot. Minimizes things like falling down or getting so dizzy I might fall... It like: Where am I gonna go if I'm already down here? :-). It's been uphill and I'm still trapped at home because of it and various other reasons, but I believe! We have to keep strong and hopeful. I pray it gets better soo, because the more I like being away from other people, the harder it will be to reintegrate. And really, I'm getting less and less sure I want to!