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This Is My Story And I'm Sticking To It

I guess you could say that I am considered a shut in some of it is my choice I guess I was and am born with a disability I have CP if you know what that is and I do have an organization of people that come over here once in a while and help me with stuff like going grocery shopping and going out to pay my bills but if the truth be known I would rather stay home my apartment is like a world within a world if that makes sense to anybody in my world I can take a shower any time I want and I have running water food in my refrigerator freezer and cupboards thanks to God above I pay my utilities online I pay my phone online to but I'm about to lose that but that's a different story for a different time ha ha I go to the grocery store on the six of every month because that's when I get my food stamps every once in a while I walk up to loaf n jug or too the pawn shop to buy DVDs and stuff like that the pawn shop and loaf n jug is about 15 steps or so from my house those people that come over they take me to Wal-Mart to buy my groceries on the six of every month and on the third of the month they also come over because I get my Social Security check so I have to pay my bills and the one's that I cannot pay online I actually physically have to go there and pay them in person and I do have to admit that I am allergic to people sounds funny but people just  make my skin want to get up and walk away ha ha and after I buy my groceries if I have enough food stamps left I can go to the dollar tree but if it was not for then coming over twice a week I would never ever leave my apartment and since I don't have a car either then coming over and help me to pay my bills and go to the dollar tree I would be up the creek without a paddle ha ha for real I can actually physically stay in my apartment for days on end without knowing what day it is or what time it is if you can believe that I have my computer the Internet to sometimes ha ha a TV to watch DVDs to watch two and a DVD player because face it folks i could not watch DVDs without a DVD player right it only makes sense ha ha and i thanks God for making it possible for me to  have food in my refrigerator and cupboards and freezer to that will last me all month will supposed to anyway
topdog1109 topdog1109 46-50, M 1 Response Dec 15, 2011

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Ah man I enjoy being around people but I am often living with my Mother or Father. I go and see a couple friends at least two to three times a week when I do not have school on those days. I like being around people and in public but I feel like I don't always socially keep up to par with everyone else. <br />
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I used to have problems with school when I was young so I am thinking that is why I have a tendency to be nervous at times. I've always been a free spirit and I've been going through school to end up with a job that I love in the future to eventually raise a family and be with the ones that I love.<br />
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What movies do you like to watch? I watch netflix quite a bit with my close friend. We watch Man Vs Wild & movies that show up on netflix.<br />
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You can always join some sort of local group that might do something fun every week or so that you live near. I like to be a lone some of the times but more then often I can get a very lonely sick feeling and I can't stand it. Usually brings me off track with my homework which I should be doing right now, but it was interesting to read your story.