Shut In, Recluse Or Crazy Cat Guy On The Block?

I guess you could say I am a Shut In. I don't know if that is truly what I am. I avoid going out at all costs. I venture to Walmart to stock up on supplies, but I do it in the middle of the night, to keep from dealing with the human element as much as possible. I am not anti-social, in fact quite the opposite. I am a very friendly and easy going person to talk with. I can joke and play around with people, it's just that I find I really do not need to be around folks all that much. I have a lot of Cats. Sixteen to be exact. They get regular Vet care. I have a local Vet that is mobile, and she helps me keep my Pride in good health, and gets me all the shots and stuff, so I can administer them myself, when needed. They are like my Children. I have more than a dozen litter boxes in the house, and keeping up with them is a full time job, let me tell you. I work for a Major Computer Corporation and do Enterprise level Support, which allows me to work from home. If I am lucky I can drag myself from the house, maybe 4 times a month. I live in a very small rural town of maybe 2000 people. I first started having Shut In tendencies when the Dot.Com collapse happened in 2000. I lost my job and went into a funk for 6 months, and seldom left my Computer Room. I pulled myself out of that funk when I got a new job. I was forced to drive in to work every day, and spent they day behind a Computer Screen, then returned home to the same old routine. A few years passed, and my Mother passed away. I retreated to my safe place, and hunkered down for a spell, and shut myself in again. Since then it has become a lifestyle, I guess. I stay at home for months on end. Everything I need is here. I have Usenet subscriptions, Netflix, Amazon Prime for Movies. So I do not miss out on very much. I surf the web, belong to a few message boards and Redditt and Facebook. I keep in touch with my Co-workers via the work email, and I talk to my Relatives via phone. With gas prices being so darned high, there is little incentive for me to go out any more. Big ticket Items I buy through Amazon or eBay, and have them delivered, and I force myself to go to the Grocery to get supplies for me and the Cats, but I go during the night. My daughter comes over and cleans the house every now and then. I pay her to do those chores, and finance her when things get tight. The young never seem to have enough money, do they?

I do not know if being a Shut In is a bad thing? I wonder sometimes... My home is about 1200 Sq ft, so I have plenty of space, and I keep busy with Hobbies and the Internet, and I game a small bit. I am not a Warcrafter. I play Dungeon Defenders and Portal 2 and some other games, but they do not master my life. If anything I love to sit and stroke my Cats and play with them, more than anything.

Maybe I am just a Crazy Cat guy? Who Knows?
CygnusXII CygnusXII
46-50, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Hey there, I am shut in as well. I think we really need someone to share life with, even if we don't need to be around all the time.