I Feel Like Im Going Crazy From My Agoriphobia But Cant Overcome My Social Anxiety.

I have been basicly cut off from the rest of the world for the most part of 16 months,i hate doing the same things day in and day out and i hate the fact that i have become a shut in,ive always been introverted but this is rediculous...I would like to get out and enjoy life and it kills me that ive wasted so much time wasteing away in the solitude of this apartment,but at the same time im dealing with SA so im screwed either way,any advice would be appreciated.
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wow you sound like me so entirely

Yea its not as bad anymore, i got on anti anxiety meds so life is easier now, im still very introverted but going out in public is easier, i realized that i was the one stopping myself from enjoying life by dwelling on the past and just said **** it im going to enjoy life.

that's ******* awesome! i live for happy endings. which meds worked for you?

Klonopin is what i was on for two years, it worked great but it made me kinda lazy and messed with my sex drive so i switched to valium last month, the side effects are far less than what they were on the k but the anxiety relief is a little less.

ahh okay cool. now you're having tons of sex? haha sorry im horny at the moment

lol not really, its kind of a drag because since i switched meds my sex drive is through the roof, feel free to inbox me if you would like

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I have had social anxiety for most of my 67 years, and have found that being involved with a small support group has helped. I go to a large church that has a lot of opportunities to connect. It was difficult at first, but as I learned to trust the others, mostly my age and older people, I became more comfortable. I have been meeting with the group for 2 years. <br />
Therapists can connect people with small groups also. If a group does not feel right, I would move on to another.<br />
I believe that lack of self worth is why I have struggled with social anxiety. Developing an interest or skill seems to help.

I think there is medication for SA, seriously. I would try 1/2 of a very low dose and see if that helps. Sometimes meds can be taken short term in order to "jump start" the brain in a way that issues can be overcome.

yeah im on ssri meds,they wont give me benzos because of things i did in my past,they give me neurontin for anxiety and it works pretty well ive gotten out and made a lot of progress in the last few days.

That is great! On benzos, I like Xanax. There is nothing better when I want to chill and go to sleep. I am glad you are doing well.

yeah xanax is great but when u have a history of drug abuse it makes it hard as hell to get them...

Agree, docs are stingy with the good meds even when someone doesn't have a history of drug abuse. They only gave me 30 of them.

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