Terrified To Leave The House

i have been inside the house for nearly two years and now i have to go and get a job i have no income coming in so i really have to get out i have my lisince but havent driven for nearly 2 yrs i am so terrified of driving and unfimiliar surroundings and people that sometimes i would rather end my life than put up with allthis stress and depression i have sent resume out and now ive been told that it might be best if i ring around and put myself out there. even that brought me to tears im not lazy not at all just very very shy on top of the rest of it   what  to do what to do?  

taurus71 taurus71
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

If you had another shut-in friend, would you be able to do this together with someone who understands you?

You are so much more valuable then you seem to be giving yourself credit for. And you are much stronger too! Don't give up, PLEASE! You can do this!