Not Simple

Hi I am  back again hehe,,You know what I have found not to be so simple? Marriage--I mean really I never thought that finding some one to love spend time with get to know the good parts & bad parts would be like going to work.(or what ever) I mean you  grow up with your family and you go to school learn things and hang out with some friends that you make along the way.Then there comes a period in your travels that you may get lucky enough to meet some one special (well for me it was a female).! well we met at a laundary mat (funny) so any way we start to spend time together to get to know one another and what not.
        So we start to so call date each other for some time get to know each others good and bad points."the normal thing to do right"? Well that is what I thought at least, so after about 6-7 months of doing what I thought was the right thing to do==I ask her to marry me and she  says yes. So I am happy  plus surprised cause I am no prince of whales, we set a date for like 5 months away  so we  can kinda get all are eggs in one basket so to speak.

Well in the mean time while I am doing things to get ready to spend the rest of my being with this lovely lady! Here comes some church going people (so they say) to throw a monkey wrench into  the works, finding fault with our plans because of the age difference between the 2 of us. I mean freakin really what does our ages have to do with you and us grtting marryed,you want to act like you are the choosen ones to fix the world and say whom can and can't get married. Are you for real I just saw your son  smoking what ever behind the dumpester yesterday come the **** on.

        Are you really that  *** anine to think cause you go to a chruch that we don't you are  perfect. well good luck with that one I am me and she is she and we did that cause we wanted to and that is that.
Garfield123456789 Garfield123456789
46-50, M
Oct 23, 2011