I Wanna Sing

I want to sing.  I am a Christian and want to sing for God.  I love it, I live it.  I am rebuilding my life while going through very difficult times, but am determined to find a venue and sing...somewhere other than the shower!!  I don't have american idol dreams, its more like I just want to sing.  I don't care where.  i don't care about fame.  I just want to live my dream, God gave it to me. So,  I want to go for it.  I would love to just get together with some musicians and just jam.  Audience or not. 
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2 Responses May 12, 2007

i too wish to be a singer. i dont know any instruments but i would like to play the guitar. <br />
my name is Bethenie Korn. Have you ever heard of Leeze Array? she is a rising star from UK. she is a great friend of mine that i have not met in person yet but we talk all the time. so there is this saynow # and if you would like, leave a voice comment and send it to leeze. saynow is COMPLETELY SAFE. a lot of celebrities have is such as shia labouf, jonas brothers, miley cyrus,...so its really safe. :D just call this and press 2. after the beep, sing something and send it to leeze. if it dont work, tell me. :D 650-331-1747. GOOD LUCK!

Amen! Me too! I have a first rough take song up on myspace if you would like to hear it. It was done at the spur of the moment and I messed up the count on the chorus a bit..missed counted. I will redo it sometime. It's on www.myspace.com/timelywordmusic if you want to listen. Bobby