I Sing

well,to sing -for me is a pleasure,a hobby and a job....what can i say...singing is great,when you have a great voice...thank God for his priceless gift...my voice.

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
18-21, F
9 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I can't fly...iIm a crocodile...*you hurt my crocodile feelings..uwaaa*

Thanks Floydess~san,youre my right hand in the World Ruling,so in my music career,I won't forget you!

if you want I can one to you

Your welcome ^^ Would be cool to see 'em Idk

Thanks a lot,and yes,I have lots of recordings

It's not everyday I see talented people with good selfesteem. Have u tried recording urself sing?

...i want to hear u sing^^. i want to hear ure talented vioce God gave u...

Thank you a lot!

good on you =) pursue your dreams and get as much happiness from you gift as possible =)