I Love Singing

I'm a tenor! I sing in various choirs! Currently singing with an accappella group called THE CON SPIRITO(with spirit) SINGERS. We sang this morning, twas great! We sang in three songs each in a different language, English, Tamil(Southern Indian Language, spoken in Tamil Nadu state) and Swahili (An eastern African country, commonly spoken in Tanzania). Twas a nice experience. One more performance this evening!

I basically love choral music! Classicals are even more preferable!

teevu teevu
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Couldn't agree better Nicole! Only singers can understand this ;)... sometimes my friends look at me when I'm in my singing mood, and they are like ????... It is indeed a nice feeling when the choir manages to achieve the Harmony of the music! Peaceful experience!!!

I like to sing in choirs, too. I love the sound and the feeling when everyone in the choir has got the song down really well.