So 2 months ago now, my girlfriend, literally shoved our 3 months old son at me. She announced that we were over, and that she wanted nothing to do with the "vermin" that I now held. I knew from the first month that she certainly did not want the baby. She believed in waiting until we were happily married to have children. But that didn't work as planned per say. She was alright with sex before marriage, just not children. As we all know, condoms and birth control aren't always the most sturdy of protection against unwanted children. Things happen, and when one thing leads to another, there's the kid. I tried my damn-est to persuade her that we could together be good parents, but she'd have none of it. Now 5 months old, I love my son very much, and my parents help me as much as possible with their new grandson. It is tough being a young and single dad, but I love him enough to accept any and all challenges.
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Would love an update on your story... its been 4 years since you posted your story... hope all is well for you and your son.... I'm a single dad my self.

She may have post natal depression, but whatever the cause of her actions, yours are to be lauded. Your bravery and love and great strength are a credit to you, and you will be repaid ten times over. Really impressed.

Your a great father and man for staying strong for your son he will appreciate it when hes old

good that you love your child and you are doing great as a father... i want to have a child too... what if your girlfriend will carry my offspring? lol... just kidding...

How are things going for you?

Why did she give birth? She could of had an abortion or adoption.

She didn't want to abort him. He was a tiny life already and she (and I) didn't think it was a good choice. As far as adoption, I don't know why she didn't consider that. But I can look after him, so it doesn't matter why she didn't think of that. He's my son, and I love him.

just keep going you should ask her to sign away her rights asap. Get a lawyer and make sure the child can have a normal life.

It's been awhile so I hope all is well. My ex walked off to go play ******** when my two were babies and I freaked at first then tried to kill myself with drugs and alcohol, but thankfully I pulled out of that ablite a bit late, but both are now grown and I now have two ankle biter grandkids, 6 & 8 I play the heavy with.<br />
Hang in there. They will grow and appreciate dad more than words can say.

you can do it... with focus and determination you will be able to do this... people have given me too much praise through my years as a single father -- as parents and as human beings we do what we need to do when the situation arises... keep doing what's right - no matter the doubts, problems, or obstacles - you are the only thing in this world that this little boy has!

i know what you are going through i am a single mom n work for the kid