From Dating To Daddy

I became a father unexpectedly. Fatherhood was something that I had envisioned embarrassing, probably since the end of my adolescence. What I didn't envision, was being a father out of love. However, that's how my paternal experience began.......Flash forward to the present, and I'm a single dad for 3 nights one week, and four nights the next. Weekend time consists of the four night weeks. My relationship with my Son is extremely fulfilling, and I enjoy and cherish the time with him. What I'm unhappy with is, my personal life otherwise. I find I'm lonely more than not. I want to be in a relationship, but I'm finding that to be so challenging. I wonder often, is it me; is it my circumstances; is it changes in social norms?
CaseOfTheMondays CaseOfTheMondays
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2 Responses Jun 16, 2012

Yeah try to make the most out of it... It is fulfilling as much as it is rewarding... It is a gift given to some lucky people. You are lucky!

I think it's our society at this point. Everyone has an idea of what everyone else should be. I've become a single mom and I'm terrified because being a single woman was hard enough and now I'm a single career oriented woman and a mom. I guess what I'm trying to say Is that I hope "we" can find that fifullment from our society because I understand your kids being your whole life :) believe me but "we"need more. Just my thoughts I guess hope they help I'm always around :)