Scared Of Dissapointing

My 6yr old son is my reason for living everyday. But I'm scared of bieng a dissapointment to him.
Trev6 Trev6
3 Responses Jul 17, 2012

Love him, talk to him regularly , everyday know what he thinks, ask him questions, answer his questions honestly, listen to his music, play his games, etc. and you'll do just fine! he'll tell you what he needs ,thinks ,feels etc!

What are your hobbies? If they are all adult oriented, now would be the time for sharing other hobbies, fishing, nature, cars, engines, tinkering, home improvement. All of these things will take him time to take interest in the hobbies themselves but the tools you use will grab his attention and amazment in their use. Above all set aside the time and have patience and you can both learn together.

You can't be afraid of disappointing. The great thing about kids is that they are resilient that they live you unconditionally and no matter what they know you are there for them that is the best thing about having a child. Their innocence or that's what I think. We are our own hardest judges :) I'm sure you are doing an amazing job