Being A Single Parent Dad

Yep iam a single dad with 2 teenage boys with me. I only had 4 days notice that the boys would be moveing in with me. In my own experience the single parent mums get alot more help from the state. This is all new to me. What to claim for, advice etc. I know for a fact that mums can see single parent advisers for help, even to the point of telling them what to do to get rid of a partner, what help did I get... Nothing .. Cuz I'm a man. The ex wants nothing more to do with the kids do she moved away and left them.
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

It's what this world has come to. Trust god to guide you through the tough times.

good on you! its really good to hear about a man stepping up and doing it on your own. :o) I'm sure there is someone out there to help you get the support and advice that you need. good luck to you and your boys. if your ex can just ditch them and not want anything else to do with them, then in my opinion they are better off with you. all the best xxx