A Lone Traveler

Its a beautiful world, lot to explore, lot to see and experience together, and to achieve.
Never thot it would be a lone journey, well, without a partner.
Its different now, there still is fun, life still charms and bringing surprises as days go by, some are good, some not so.
I take it in my stride and continue this journey with my two amazing saviors, they make me strong, they inspire me to live life, they have inculcated in me the sense of giving. We move on !!
HighLanderTX HighLanderTX
46-50, M
3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

good on you mate. making another man and single dad proud

keep your head up and stay strong you''ll find her, i like your positive outlook on life very attractive attrabute indeed.

answer my confession