I Am Single Dad

i have 4 kids 3 girls and a son when i left my x wife i had my two oldes girls with me for 2 years this past nov my x lost my little girl and son so i got my son and the 3 of them all treat me like there mom dose and it kills me.thay dont talk to there mom much she dont call them to say hi or good night can any tell me if that is y thay still do this to me
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

They are doing this to you cause as kids they don't like discipline. As the responsible parent you know they need this. She (your x) is trying to be their friend not a parent and teaching them buy doing that to have no respect for anything. You will always bear the brunt of this but stick to it show them respect and discipline, they need it. They'll thank you one day.Thats our job as parents. they'll do better in school, socially and in all aspects of their lives. Your ex is just being selfish and teaching them that in the process, my x does the same thing, even the calling part. Good luck to you and God bless