Have Been For 7 + Years Now

It has been just me and the kiddos for over 7 years now.  I have three kids, two boys 19 and 13, and my little princess, who is 8.  When I first got custody of them they were 12, 6 and 16 months.  At first it was completely overwhelming and sometimes even quite frightening.  I mean, what did I know about raising a tiny little baby girl, still in diapers, by myself?!?  (Not too mention her two older brothers!)  But as time went on, I figured it all (or most of it) out.  I learned to cook, clean, balance schedules, be a dad AND a mom, braid hair, wipe noses and butts, be a best bud and a disciplinarian all in one package, and so much more.  I am not saying that it has not been a challenge.  Two years ago, I had a son who was a senior in high school (oh, fun fun)  a son in 5th grade, and a daughter in kindergarden.... now THAT was a challenge!!!!  My oldest son was a nationally ranked distance swimmer throughout Jr High and High school, he had to be up at 4:30 and at the pool by 5:15 with a huge load of food in hand (he had to consume close to 6000 calories a day just to keep weight on), that means that I had to get the little ones up and drag them along even in the worst of conditions, to get him to practice.... my middle son had soccer, basketball, choir, and a plethora of other activities. (He is the social butterfly of the family)  My daughter had dance, soccer, swim lessons and so many play dates that it wasn't funny!   My days began at 4 AM, making breakfast burritoes and power shakes and didn't end until 9 PM, when the homework was done, the showers were taken, teeth were brushed, and prayers were said.  Then I had a few minutes to myself to check my email and talk to friends, etc  before I collapsed into bed.   But we all made it through and are doing very well today.  We enjoy life a lot and are very close.  We travel together and are all very good friends.  We have always been a TEAM, relying on one another and understanding that we were all each others best friends and greatest supporters, NO MATTER WHAT!!!  That has always been a precept for our lives!

You'll never hear me brag about myself, or what I have done in life, (My dad always taught us that "It ain't braggin' if you done it, its just tellin' the story.  Be proud of who you are, and what you've done) but the proudest point in my life is that I have friends who have kids and they constantly compliment me on my kids, how well behaved, polite and intelligent they are(they have all been involved in the GATE 'Gifted And Talented Education' program').... At the kids elementary school (which all of them have attended) they call me 'Superdad'.  

Sorry if this sounds self serving, but this is a story that I really wanted to share.   Its been a long, wonderful trip and looking back I know now that I wouldn't change a second of it!  Not looking forward to the destination, just enjoying the journey, because it will all end far, far too soon....

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Very impressive. Exclusive rights to brag :) maybe some men were made differently.

thats great ur one of the few good guys we have in this world

I know exactly the feeling I am a single mom. I admire you !! Perhaps your kids don't realize how hard it is sometimes but when they are adults they will. I also have 19 year old twin daughters. Just live one day at a time.

you're such an amazing dad...your kids are lucky..

kudos to you and all the single daddies xo

Your story is truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing and all the best to you and your wonderful children!

Wao! am inspired! sometime i think i will go nuts! a single mum of one now she is 10 years... i feel some days yes am proud of myself but other days ... it's like, am just about to break and loose it.. life demands a lot.. working and bringing her up.. sometime i can't help to think i do it wrong like something so so amiss... i just cant point out what and not to mention i wish i had someone taking care of me too.

Hi Superdad! I already admire you:) like you I have been a single mom for 7+ years with two kids. They are 7(girl) and 6(son). You really inspire me...how did you do it? Hope you can give me a few advise.

This is such a great story, man! perfect dad!
I wish I were like you and hopefully I will be a really really good dad in the future, as yu are.
Congrats for such brave kids you have and keep going on!
You deserve it!

Wow, that is so great that you were able to be both for your children.

Wow such a unique father & ur children are lucky to have u ^ -*

Optimism, which is hope in action, is truly a powerful tool for building the future,for it releases the awesome possiblilities God has in mind for making things new within and without.

thats a good saying, what your dad said. You deserve to 'brag' this story. The women love the single super dad type. ;)

Just read this and smiled the whole way through! It's people like you that make the world a better place!

Aww haha that's sweet! You sound like a good father and an awesome person! Best of luck to you and your kids in your future endeavors as a family!

Mad respect to you, Super Dad!<br />
<br />
I hope to become a father one day and look forward to raising a family of my own. You are an inspiration, my friend. Way to keep up the great work. Just out of curiosity, how do you balance time?

You are awesome bro, not many of us out there, don't be afraid to be proud of doing something us men are not known to do, I can relate,i have a 7 year old who I had in my custody since he was a year and a half,i tell people my story cause its a huge accomplishment, fathers like us change the way we are viewed as a man.keep it up

Wonderful story!! Those kiddos are lucky. I like your team approach. Your kids will never forget this and all that you have done with them and for them :)

I love this story! You are an amazing father, keep up the good work =]

It's nice to see dad's like this...you are doing a wonderful job =^.^=

wow great story man...probably i can take tips from you when i become a father :)

Amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing!

Awesome story! Your kids will remember everything you did while they grew up. Don't you love those thousands of kisses and hugs from them? :)

I so much enjoyed your story! You clearly have a lot to be proud of and are an awesome dad. I can certainly understand the constants of life with just one three-year-old girl, i cannot imagine three kids including teenagers! My hat is off to you|!

Hi Gary,<br />
Or should I say hello me! I feel like you wrote my story for me, we share alot in common. I also am a single dad raising my three. 16yr son, 10 yr old daughter, and my little guy 2yrs old. I am everything all in one for them, it's just us and I feel we make a great team. Exhausting sure, but the rewards, man, I honestly wouldn't trade a second of it for anything in the world. Nice to know there is someone else like you out there. I just found EP 3 days ago, great people here, hoping to make a few friends to chat with. I don't have to tell you, but being a single father of 3 full time does not leave you a ton of personal time to make friends and at times gain much appreciated support.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! It is always so very nice to hear from someone who 'gets it'.....

That is truly inspiring. Everyone assumes that mothers know how to do all of this and have it together. The truth is that I had no clue what to do either. Even in the first years of my (now failed) marriage I had to do it on my own and I had no clue of what to do. I only have one child and he's only three and I found myself nodding my head at your story already. It makes me feel great to see someone who felt the same way who is up, running, and close to the end. But who am I kidding? There's no end until you're gone. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

I was a single parent for years. I commend you. It is so hard at times; you just sit down and cry from stress. My son has turned into a very professional well adjusted young man. I did it and I did it alone. remember sometimes; single is better. The other parent can be more harmful to a child than help. god Bless you. keep remembering;this will be worth it. Your kids never forget who was there for them.

It's nice to hear from the dads out there - that are working just as hard as we single moms do. I wish, though, that I had done as well as you - I still struggle with improving, every day, figuring it out from scratch, books, etc, sadly. I didn't have good parenting examples - it's nice to hear your own dad provided something positive for you and you, in turn to your kids. I wish my dad had been much more like you! I love how you wrote you guys are a TEAM - that's such a priceless thing. : )

Yeah Gary, I wish I had a dad like you mine never gave me an apple. Or any emotional connection. Its why Im the way I am today. Keep strong for all of us and continue to inspire. Twilla

Your story is the exact opposite of my story. I made every mistake in the book. I did all of it wrong. So, I'm glad to see that someone did all of it right. Seriously. I'm glad. That means there's still hope for all of us. That there are parents like you out there is tremendously reassuring.

Wonderful story!i loved it.ur kids r realy realy lucky to hav a dad lyk u...hw i wishd to hav a famly lyk urs...my dad is very caring bt he is jst n0t d typ of 'friendly dad'.he z quiet strict n wen n0t strict jst apathetic.neway i love hm wit alL my heart.wish ur famly gud luck.n ppl were ryt abt u.u r indEeD a superdad!

Thank you very much, wanderlust. You're right, it hasn't been easy, but it certainly has been fun!

Thank you so much for your kind words. You don't know how much they mean to me! It has been a long road, but every second is its own reward. Every smile is a treasure, every hug is a sunrise in my heart. <br />
<br />
I know that you are an amazing mom, I have felt it from all the things that you have shared on here about you and your kids. Fight the good fight! Hugs to ya' - Gary

Thank you very much for the nice comment!