We three have been with out "mom" for almost 8 years now. My daughter will soon be 12. My son is 16.
Yes, it has been tough but I know it hasn't been easy on them either. I wish there had been some way to give them a more normal life. That choice was made for me. With that being said, I am thankful for what I have been able to provide .
alphadave alphadave
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Hello Alphadave;
Normal....... there are many normal kinds of living. I think It is normal feeling the way you feel but I am very sure that your kids are grateful, appreciative, and happy with what you gave them.
Usually if your kids see you calm they will reflect that as well, is they see you worry they will too. I am sure you done a great job!

I have a twelve and sixteen year old as well. Good for you taking on such a job. Your kids will surly appreciate all of your love and commitment to them.