19 And Love My Son

I'm a single father to a 2 year old little boy named Bryxten. He's my world! His mother passed away in a car accident when he was only six months old. I'm no hero, if she was here she would be an amazing mother. She was beautiful and caring. I know down the road Bryxten is going to ask about her. I'm scared for that. Ill always tell him how amazing she was but I don't want him to struggle without her.

He's been my crutch through everything, I hope I can be his.
Proud of my little man!
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I am so sorry for your struggles. You have such a wonderful gift with your son. I love that you cherish him and make the most of being a father. It's inspiring.

Good for you. I'm sorry about his mom. I'm so sorry for the both of you.

Wow! That's a really incredicle path to find yourself on. I know you will find the words to say to your son when you need them. It's really great that your son has a father who loves him so much but who can also speak positively of his mother when the time comes. EP is definitely the right place for you to be!

You are a very touching father. I wish I had a father like you. I'm sorry for your wife, and I'm glad to hear your little bundle is okay.

I was a single parent most my life. I am sorry for ur loss. But one thing i know children r blessings from god.

Thank you. I know I think that it has been hard but you have risen to it because your son is the focus of the deep love which brought him to the world. Always focus on him, and he will on you, and the two of you will be a strong bond that his mother would always have wanted to see and be a part of. It is also a way to work out the Tikkun of the situation, so you three will be together again in time. xx

:) your amazing, you have a lot of challenges ahead, but are going to create a lot of wonder.
Be honest to him, show him pictures of her and tell stories!!! Don't hide it or be afraid to talk about her.
I recently moved in with my moms sister. Every day she tells me stories about my father (they were best friends, she introduced my parents). I love hearing about what he did when he was my age. It makes me miss him less, feel like I know him more.

She's looking down on both of you. Don't worry, sounds like your son will be good. I had my only child at 19 and didn't know how I could make it. Her father was killed when she was 11. She talks to him at night before she goes to bed. Good luck to both of you.

You will be a good father to your son this is evident in your words. Just be the best man you can be and he will follow your example. He will have questions about his mom but he will see her through your heart. Sending best wishes for you and your so

Thank you all for your support! Each and every one of you have put a smile on my face. You're all great and I'm glad to have people who support us.

sorry abt the loss. but best of luck.

dont worry about the future. pray together and believe in the truth. speak it out when the time is right. all will be fine.

Aww that's so sweet you don't see too many young dad's who want to be a part of their child's life. That is amazing that you are there for him:)

You are your son's hero. I just got out of a relationship where a 'father' blackmailed me into adopting out my daughter (from another man, whom I am married to now), then aborting our third child... I never knew my father either, only a stepfather... You are your son's hero. You are everything he will ever need, and you can do just as much as his mom could have.. And honestly, in my book, you are the everyday hero. Like superman, only no super powers. (:

I'm sorry for your loss, but by the sounds of it you are a hero. A hero to your son, good luck :)

Aww! I'm so sorry for your loss! :(

Thank you so much!

I wish you good luck with everything! :)

You're too sweet, best if luck with everything you do too!

Aw thank you! :)

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