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I am a 28year old single dad of a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. The real mom has some series issues and was very abusive and controlling. For example, she would go out( she would be aloud to go out not I) get drunk beat me up. One time she went to the hospital being too drunk and beat up a nurse. I even tried reaching out to her dad for help but he didn,t give a $&@?. He actual through a party for her a mounts later. But, right now I'm working on full custody of the kids I have had them for a year now and have a girlfrieand. I am so lucky to have her. What person deals with a guy with 2 toddlers. I went through so much crap I mean a lot of crap and finally things r starting to look up. I just wanted to share my store and let guys know that their will be better days. I am very lucky
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Good for you! Glad you met a girl that appreciates all that single dads do! I'm still lookin ;) But I will have to say that in the future - NEVER let a woman beat you! You don't have to hit her, but you can definitely subdue her and/or restrain her. Not allowed, #guycode lol