I Like Being A Dad

I am the proud daddy of a wonderful 16 year old. Her mom and I divorced when she was 5 so I wasn't very active in her upbringing. Her mom did a good job with her. She is smart, funny and can ask questions that make me blush. It is truly fun being an older dad. I dread the day when she starts her own life. It will tear a large chunk out of my heart.

Since writing this I have become the step dad to a beautiful young lady....So I have TWO daughters now....
66-70, M
1 Response Apr 9, 2013

As long as you have picked up where her mother left off then you should be fine and I'm sure that your daughter will love you for it :)

After that you can only do your best :)

It still will hurt.

It's only natural that it will hurt, but remember, you have a daughter that loves you very much and it sounds like you also have a very special and understanding girlfriend who is some one you should treasure :)