Me And My Daughters!

I am the proud father of two young and awesome little human beings! Their mother and I ran into some heavy trouble and she opted out of the marriage about 11 months ago - it wasnt unexpected, but it has not been an easy situation for us all! I am ok for one, like i said i had been expecting this for some time and honestly I kick my self in the rear end for not doing this earlier.

I got primary custody of the kids late last year - Since then i have had to endure nothing but crap from their mother. 2 failed motions to change custody, accusations of not being able to parent the kids and a laundry list of other BS - Obviously she is bitter about this whole thing and i have a real hard time understanding her point of view on this or her anger towards me on this when she is the one that brought this on all of us. She turned me and my daughters life upside down, yet I am supposed to be the evil person that caused all of this! Women... LOL

on a more comical note, she is preggo and should be giving birth within the next few weeks, this has delayed the divorce proceedings which could have ended in the first quarter of this year... and yes, this woman got pregnant about 2 weeks after we had the initial split! (SMH)

At any case, now that she is set to give birth within the next few weeks/days i am hoping we can move this process along! All i want to do is to move forward with my daughters - I know she will have involvement with them, she is their mother but at least once this is done, we can flip the last page of this chapter of our lives, and look forward to the next one.

I guess I wanted to come here and see if anyone has has this same situation - what can i expect in the next phase of this divorce, timewise, etc... i know there will be another mediation (required by the courts in Tx) but to my knowledge this mediation will be strictly regarding financial assets and such - is that the case?

On the same token if anyone had any questions or needed any help with getting through the beginning stages of a divorce - i can help! There is so much i learned over the last year that I can honestly write a book or at least a very good article on it LOL
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HAHA...I love it that she got knocked up just two weeks after she split. This , in it's self should keep her at bay in the courtrooms . You are the actual winner in that you have the gorgeous daughters to yourself. You can train them to reject the mother over time.