About to become a single father of two girls, 10 and 13.
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Sorry to hear....its tough these days....hang in there

I became a single farther when wife died when daughter was just two. I never remarried. My daughter just got married at 27, and I feel useless and lonely.

You shouldn't feel that way. Be proud you successfully raised your daughter alone.

It's just a new to me. Raising my daughter is a source of pride.

I meant to mention that I am also bipolar and had to stop working. I was a teacher. Not teaching is hard for me.

Hang in there bud.. I am also about to become a single father of two children.. I am trying to work it out with wife though, but she has already signed them over to me in separation agreement.

Haven't seen them (2 girls; 10 & 13) since Christmas, Mom and I had some nasty words exchanged; and yes my words were nasty and threatening. So, she took off with kids, hiding at her sister's house, won't answer my calls or let kids talk to me. I'm in our family house alone. No contact now for 2 months, from her or kids. No divorce action filed yet, but for sure about to happen. Very cruel and vindictive on her part, I think. Saddest and most pathetic thing is that I still love her dearly despite all our arguments and this long separation. Fortunately, I'm getting treatment full-time for bipolar disorder and not having to be at work for the time being. Don't know if my condition caused all the problems, or if condition was brought out by stress she dished out as well. I really do miss my babies and wish she would have them call thier Dad...

wow,sorry to hear that,hope things get better real soon,i'll pray for you

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that, i am a single mum to a son of 14 with emotional and behaviour problems, it is very hard work! I love my son so much its him that keeps me going! Im sure your girls will do the same for you! Good luck!