Over A Decade of Healing&My Children Are Still Damaged-In 2000,my long time girlfriend of 12 years removed from a banking account which belonged to me 100,000,000 Greek Drachmas(about 400,000 USD) and took a plane from Istanbul to Los Angeles in company of our 5 year old girl and 7 year old boy while I was away in Israel for family matters. Our eldest child then 10 at the time resided in Athens with my sister since we had moved to Istanbul the previous years and was completely abandoned because her mother did not bother to retrieve her. The children are dual Greek/Israeli Citizens as I am. The children were not born in the United States.The children had not previously visited the United States. The children were not registered as United States Citizens. Not legally. For 3 and 1/2 years the children were subjected to unstableness due to several moves,exposed to only G-d knows what lowlifeness probably thugs and drug dealing due to the racial ethnicity of their mother(Black),and experienced neglect academically and developmentally. I unilaterally removed them to Israel in November 2003 because it seemed to me American Government did not care for their wellbeing. When I brought the wrongful removal and retention of my children to the American Government my ex presented me as a racist lunatic who had done nothing except continuously beat her and the children for 12 years. This was a huge lie!The woman had VERY EXPENSIVE and I had treated her like a damn Queen! My children were going to be lost forever if I relied on American Government to protect their wellbeing.
Upon arrival in Israel I found the children to have profound psychological damage. I am a physician. I know what child mistreatment looks like and what it does to a child! My 9 year old girl was damn near mute,wet her bed every night,showed profound anxiety,and lived in constant fear that her mother would take her back and "whoop" her. My 11 year old son had developed extremely racist views against Whites,had developed a strong hatred of males,got into fights constantly mostly with me,and stole anything not nailed down. I arrived home one night after being on shift at the local hospital for 16 hours,laid down on a couch to rest,and awoke to the very frightening scene of the boy standing over me with metal scissors in hand! Fortunately I am a tall muscular man or else I probably would not be typing now.In 2004 the supreme courts of Israel handed down a decree forbidding any of the children to leave Israel before their 21st birthday. They relearned Greek and Hebrew and began to reject contact with their mother. When she called their mobile phones they would hand them to me without saying one word to her. I soon learned she was playing harmful mind games of guilt and blame whenever one was nice and tried to speak with her. I should have mentioned before that shortly after removing the children to Israel I informed my ex I would not seek criminal charges for the money she robbed from me if she did not falsely report our children as lost or missing to corrupt American Governments. Therefore she has always had knowledge the children are residents of Haifa. She is their mother and there was not reason to conceal the children since she had no custody rights. Throughout everything I continuously expected her to behave like a grown woman and loving mother but she continuously acted like a spoiled petulant brat displaying extremely selfish behavior. Not once did she think of our children and how her reckless childish behavior harmed them! Instead she continued to harass the children solely to disturb their happy lives in Israel once she could not control their lives anymore. Next year our youngest child will become free to leave Israel if she chooses and like her siblings says she will remain but already her mother is harassing her to return to the United States. Unless she gets her own way my ex is never happy. What a loving mother to put your own selfish desires before your children!
LadinoAbba LadinoAbba
46-50, M
Jan 3, 2015