I lived in South Korea for eleven years. I married a Korean woman, and had a son. My wife had depression, and my marriage was rocky. Last year we all moved to Canada. My wife was very depressed and decided to move back to Korea, leaving me and my three year old son in Canada.

For the past nine months since returning to Canada, I've only been able to get part time work at a grocery store. And my son misses his mother. If I were to return to Korea, I wouldn't live with my wife again, but my son could visit her. And I could easily get full time work.

So I am debating returning to Korea to raise my son.

I am feeling my son having a mother in his life, might be more important than growing up in Canada (vs. Korea).

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1 Response Aug 12, 2015

If the mom left her own son, it may be more harmful (for him) to chase her and try to bring her back into his life. Life can be hard if you don't have an extended family that can help take care of things, and especially with a part time job. So I would say if you want to go back, go for practical reasons, but don't chase the mom.