I was seeing a girl we were going in different directions and she left me and I moved. 9 months later she has a baby boy. He was born addicted to opiates and benzos. I was told about him and was by his side in 5 hours and have staied there since. His mom and I tried to work things out for him. She never put me on the birth certificate so I have no rights. Now she is in jail before she went to jail she gave temporary custody to her mom. I still have my son for now when she gets out of jail though she is going to try to take him from me. So I have to go Monday and get my rights somehow.
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Get a good fathers rights attorney. Document everything about the drug addict mom and go for sole custody.

I hope you have custody over your son somehow

I hope you win the case!

I have faith that whatever God is has my back

He does have your back! Just pray about it and faith that he will carry you through

My faith teachs me not to ask for anything and be grateful for everything

You can ask for things in prayer. That's what God is here for. "Ask and you shall receive." That's in the Bible but I forget which book it came from

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I wish you luck! Stay strong!

Thank you it is hard doing this alone.