Maybe I'm Not The Type Of Girl To Have A Boyfriend

Sometimes I feel like having a boyfriend would make me happier...but maybe that isn't true.

Why do women put up with less-than great guys just so that they dont have to be 'single'. Why do women compromise their position in a relationship based on their need for a man, when the man himself could care less about whether she is his 'girlfriend' or not...and oftentimes would probably PREFER not.

I don't know that I want to do that. Maybe it is better to be independent. Maybe it is better NOT to expect guys to fulfill such a role. Maybe we expect too much of them in THAT regard.

Girls often want boyfriends because of the fear of what not having a boyfriend means. Maybe that is what is wrong. I'm not saying I don't ever want a boyfriend, I'm just proclaiming I don't want to feel like I need one. 

A woman's power is not in her muscles (nor is a guy's either really). Her power is love and respect, she can give it or take it away, but it only matters when someone cares about it. And that is the simplest explanation of what makes a good boyfriend - a man who cares about what his girlfriend really thinks. (And really it is true of anyone, girl or guy, in any kind of relationship).

When that power is compromised by her placing herself in a situation of dependency on someone then she has neither the power to express real love or respect nor to rescind it. She has placed herself in a position of mechanization, where she is expected to churn out respect constantly and steadily for anything and everything in return for, well, not having to be a single woman. And oftentimes, it's a task designed for failure in the end anyways.
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

You are smart and thoughtful and very classy.

I\'m glad you think so :)

Oh, having a boyfriend can be a wonderful thing. But just like another person said, having a boyfriend doesn't make you whole or complete in anyway. We're all born whole and complete, and no relationship can thrive unless both partners realize that.

good response!

Everyone should be complete and whole within themselves - feeling the same awe and self-acceptance most children feel before they get the message of not being perfect. As we get older oftentimes having a boyfriend means shoving responsibility of self acceptance and love to someone else who's not qualified to be in such a role... the only boyfriend we need is ourself