Single Lesbian With Kids Who Is Very Shy

I am a mother of 2 kids n its so hard I was in. 9 yr relationship with my x gf she is the only real relationship with a female I had. I don't know how to go meet women I don't know how to approach them so I feel like I don't know what to do. I want to build a friendship n hope it turns into more but going out to meet s female I don't c that happening n I am not a club type of girl. I have tried a website called pof but all the women live so far n also I don't know what to say I get nervous. I do have pain but it would be nice to meet someone who may help me through it.
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I to im the same way tell how should i get over this

i'm from a small town, i have a 4 year old girl, and its been difficult to find that special someone, hope you have better luck than me!!

I sure will have a great day

LoL I know the feeling I live in a small town in east tx

If you ever want to talk message me I love talking n listening:)

I kinda feel the same way I dont know if I would honestly be considered a lesbian or bi sexual I have two little boys and I do miss my ex girlfriend but she s in a relationship and we cant be together. I not a shy girl at all but I get nervous sometimes. I have also tried pof but it seems like the conversation get boring or we dont know what to say. It is always easy for me to make friends but I honestly have no gay friends.

I completely understand I tried pof n ur right it seemed to be pointless. I would like to be ur friend if you would allow me to be.

Geez...I have no answer for this. I wouldn't begin to know where to start. My brother is gay and I have asked him how he meets other guys and approaches them...he says he just knows if they are gay usually. He also goes to the "gay bar." Ya know, I know you said you aren't a club type of person, but if you went out to a gay bar just once or twice then maybe you would meet some people who have friends that were also gay but also not into the bar scenes?