Being single and a lesbian with a child is sooo hard. All of the single lesbians I meet don't have kids, or they have kids and still party alot. I can't find a single women that is interested in the same lifestyle I am in. Having a child is like having a family without the partner. How do I find anyone!?! I am feeling frusterated and lonely!

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I have 2 kids by an ex male partner I always identified as being interested in both males and females, however for the last 2 years I have been solely with women and am starting to identify as more interested in women. My last gf struggled with me having kids, she felt that I never had enough time for her. As a single fulltime parent, the childrens father is absent through his own choice, which leads to complications of its own with the children who have trust issues with adults, I find it difficult to have a relationship that keeps the children and the partner separate. The lesbians that I meet all seem more interested in being out partying then building a stable homelife, I'm beginning to think I'm destined to e alone forever!

I understand what you mean. I am single, but I've grown out of the party lifestyle and it's hard to meet women where I live other than at a lez bar ... and those aren't even close to me!<br />
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There used to be this cool free lesbian site to meet women called uniquelesbian but it doesn't seem to exist anymore ...

yeah it can be frustrating for sure but hetro single mums also have this problem as they're seen by many as damaged goods no matter how high the MILF factor. <br />
In my case I didn't accept I was more attracted to women until my 2nd child was born,sure I'd had a few girly snogs and the like before but I guess I was too focused on being a mother (I still am) to commit myself to a relationship of any orientation.<br />
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You can probabably tell from my user id I live quite an alternative lifestyle.Briefly, I had my 1st child at 18 and spent the next 4-5 years on the road and travelling until my 2nd daughter was born.I didn't plan it that way,it's just the way it panned out and it's only when I met my partner at a festival that I've had any roots for the first time since I had my first child.<br />
I guess I'm also forunate in that being Irish I have a large family support network-not that they always approve of my lifestye!-but I appreciate not everyone has this. <br />
All I can suggest is pursuing some of the online dating sites if you haven't done so in particular specialises in analysising compatability and one of the 1st questions you're asked is if you have kids.There are bound to be many lesbian single mothers in the same boat as you and one of them could 'The One'<br />
Don't give up and stay positive :-)

I understand exactly what you are going through as I am going through the same thing it is really frustrating.