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Ok this is recent for me. I say I am a serial monogamist. My previous relationship was nearly 5 years, got married in Toronto, Canada. My most recent was nearly 3 years. I'm 30 and single. I think I should stay single for a while. I wish I could date. I mean, meet someone, go to dinner. Get to know people. Try that. Do people date anymore? Do gay people date? I don't know. I know this is good for me, either way. Single, free, happily alone. Not lonely.

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Sweetie never listen to a man about how a Lesbian should feel. We are way to deep for them to understand.<br />
I find thinking of finding friendships much less stressful for everyone involved. If more happens then great. Otherwise, no pressure and no BS. <br />
Dating puts a whole other spin on something that doesn't need to be so complected.<br />
Monogamy is a very important institution! I had a 15 year relationship then a 2 year relationship that was not so good. Time helps get our lives back on track and start fresh without too much baggage. If you want to chat hit me up!<br />
Otherwise,<br />
Good Luck<br />
XXOO<br />

Yes, I think I keep looking for someone to play house with. lol I want the security and the long, enduring love.... Eventually with the right person. If there is a right person for me.

Reminds me of a John Mayer song "Perfectly Lonely" (I think) Well enjoy your freedom for a bit. Yes gays date lol just by the 2nd one, we're U-hauling! ;o) Congratulations on making a relationship work for 5 and 3 years... what happened? Message me if you wanna talk about it.... or if not that's cool to. I wish I was a how did you put it? "Serial monogamist" LMAO.... I long for someone to feel secure with. Good Luck hun!

The possibilities are there for you to make your own. Create your vision of what you wish and then live it. Your questioning of if women, and particularly lesbians date, very understandable as the same, so goes for your desire to take enjoyment in dating. Yes! women do date....some better than others.It seems to be a natural tendancy fo women to rush straight into a relationship, excluding all other romantic possible connections.....and when it is two women coming together....blam! this potential excellerates. Know in your heart what it is you wish at this moment and then believe in your abilities to make it come true. I was in a 15 year relationship that was incredibly wonder. Now I am single...and in that too there is much beauty and bliss. I date to make "connections" I do not date to find the "one and only to fill all my dreams and needs" I know from experience it takes at least two years to know the true essense of a person...and then is the time to make the judgement, is this one a good partner to make a commitment? Even then....both of you should be on the same wavelength with your desire for such a type of commitment. So, it is no wonder that yes, it takes time to find the right fit for a long term relationship. Meanwhile....go out and make your connections, enjoy them for what they are and what they have to offer... small or great. <br />
Life is too short, go out and find the ones you wish to date. Good luck!

i am a man older than you but i just had 3 girls leave my house to go back to california{i live in hawaii} they were all bi but ithink they preferred their own sex... i liked all of them extremely....and yes they did female date all the time ..if thats ur picture ....i'm sure your desirable to anyone get on th net and find either a person or a lesbian cocktail lounge life is too short.....tim