No More Friends All Gone

hello ever since i was a child i discovered to myself how much i liked wearing girls cloths i later wanted to dress and be a women  i am not gay i do not want any man i still want and like women  i feel like i understand them more now that i have been secretly crossdressing for about 42 years now i lost a wife because of it when i was 21 i lost quit a few girlfriends when they found out and because of my isolation  as to dress up in my womens cloths i have lost friends and acquantices  i use to know  so i am basically alone now i still dress everyday after work  i  just wish i could find someone like me or women who except people like me to talk to hang out have fun with  but i feel i will never find friends who will except me and well i guess someday i will dye a lonely man  big hugs ALICE (allen)

sadsingle sadsingle
46-50, M
Nov 18, 2008