My daughter Emma is 18 days old now. As a single 34 years-old woman, I went through artificial insemination with donor. In Quebec, Canada, it's 100% covered by the Health Insurance Plan.

I feel I have nothing to do with single mothers by obligation. My pregnancy was a very positive experience. I didn't have a painful break up, I haven't been abandoned. I haven't been raped, I don't have a violent boyfriend. So, I just took my vitamins every day, went to my prenatal appointments and buy some clothes for my daughter.

Now she is with me. It's unreal. Today we went out together for the first time with the stroller. She slept all the time. I do feel anxiety. I'm scared to not hold her correctly. And I am tired/exhausted because she wakes up every 1-2-3 hours to eat. It's hard to feed a baby at 3 am. But I do not regret my decision. I think she will be a brave, intelligent girl. I'm so proud of her already.
CantatriceChauve CantatriceChauve
36-40, F
Aug 19, 2014